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The Word Choice Workshop: Inclusive Language Tips for Everyday Business

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Diversity: Beyond the Checkbox

Sharing diverse perspectives from leaders in their industry, what diversity means, why businesses should be focused on diversity and inclusion initiatives, and why D&I is not only the right thing to do, going beyond the checkbox is absolutely imperative to the growth of your company.

6 Guidelines for inclusive Language

Download this brief infographic to help you learn best practices for inclusive language and start sharing those actions with your team.

The Inclusive Language Handbook Everyday Quick Sheet

Successful business relies on one thing—communication. We communicate with our employees, customers, suppliers, and more. Using inclusive language means consciously working to find ways to name, honor, and value experiences and identities.

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The Inclusive Language Handbook provides practical, real-world insights and industry-specific guidance to help you use more effective, inclusive language and foster a diverse and inclusive culture.

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