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The Inclusive Language Handbook

This handbook will help you get comfortable discussing all aspects of human diversity and identity.

Paperback $13.99 | eBook $9.99

With a focus on the nonprofit sector, go beyond mere etiquette to discover the profound impact of language on relationships and organizational culture.

Paperback $13.99 | eBook $9.99

Packed with practical strategies and insights, this book challenges traditional notions of leadership and provides a roadmap for leaders to embark on their own journey toward inclusive leadership excellence.

Paperback $13.99 | eBook $9.99
Coming April 29, 2024

Understand the compelling business case for embracing DEI as a marketing tenet and explore the bottom-line benefits of engaging with all consumers, clients, and communities.

Paperback $13.99 | eBook $9.99
Coming 2024

The Inclusive Language Handbook For Media

Coming Soon

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